Mustang Wendy's of Harbor Springs | Fresh West-Mex Cuisine
Mustang Wendys Cask and Cuisine of Harbor Springs - Restaurant on Bay Street offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktails, happy hour in northern Michigan.
mustang wendys, cask cuisine, harbor springs, restaurant, northern michigan
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Mustang Wendy’s Cask & Cuisine

 Open at 129 East Bay Street in Downtown Harbor Springs

We will no longer be accepting reservations after Sunday, February 14, 2016.

Breakfast Mustang Wendys Harbor Springs
Mustang Breakfast

Mustang Wendy’s is now open on Bay Street in downtown Harbor Springs, Michigan!

Lunch Brunch Harbor Springs Restaurant
Lunch Specialties

Serving you the signature food you’ve come to know from Chef Wendy Wagner!

Dinner Cocktails Harbor Springs Restaurant
Dinner & Cocktails!

Dinner, signature cocktails, live music, cutting-edge ambiance – what could be better?